A Dusty Trip: The Ultimate Guide To Getting The Formula 1 Car

The main objective of A Dusty Trip is to travel through the vast desert in the hope of surviving the many dangers that lurk out there. For this, they are required to create their own car in order to quickly get their hands on some resources and weapons to take out any nearby threats. However, choosing the perfect car can make this ordeal go on a lot more quickly and smoothly.

On top of creating your cars, you also have the option to purchase them. Recently, the Formula 1 car was introduced in the game and has proven to be quite efficient and fast. Unfortunately, getting your hands on this vehicle is not easy. Only the most determined players can get this car as a reward, or you can also buy it if you’re willing to let go of some of your precious Robux.

How To Get The Formula 1 Car?

In A Dusty Trip, you can get the Formula 1 car as a reward once you go to the Car Spin stand, which is present in the main lobby. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds since there’s only a 0.5% chance of you landing the car through the spin stand (the lowest chance to get the car out of all the rewards). However, determination and consistency are key, so don’t give up!

In addition to this, you’re also required to pay nearly 1,000 caps or 49 Robux for a single Spin, or you can also spend 399 Robux to get 10 Spins. If you continue the hours-long hustle of gathering caps, you won’t get to take this option repeatedly.

There are only three attempts per day if you want to make a Spin for caps, and if you want to keep trying without anything stopping you, then you’ll be required to spend a huge amount of Robux. However, a 0.5% chance is also some chance in the Roblox world, so you can still get your hands on what you want. If not, then there’s always the option to spend some Robux.

The surefire way of getting the Formula 1 car is to purchase it for 8,000 Robux, which is almost $80. If you want to save your Robux and don’t feel like spending them on the car, then you can try your luck by making spins for caps. Accumulating this in-game currency through different methods daily can eventually help you get the car you wish to own.

If you’re one of those who don’t mind spending some of your Robux in A Dusty Trip, then you can purchase the x2 passive ability for the cost of 699 Robux. This is a lot more profitable as compared to purchasing Spins for a huge amount of money.

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