A Dusty Trip: How To Flip Your Car?

Many challenges await you while going through the dangerous desert of A Dusty Trip, from challenging weather to frightening enemy NPCs. On top of these difficulties, the one that stands out the most and is frustrating for many players is an overturned vehicle. This might happen due to a raging tornado or because you were a bit too sharp at turning the steering wheel.

Due to an overturned car, many players are forced to leave their vehicle to look for another one or start a new game. If you own a van, then the chances of those turning over are quite high and even scary, to say the least. Fortunately, there is a way through which you can save yourself from such a situation. You can easily flip your car in A Dusty Trip by following a few steps.

How To Flip Your Car?

It’s worth noting that it’s easier to flip a car in A Dusty Trip than flipping a van, even though the process is pretty much the same. First off, you’re required to push the car all the way to the edge of the road because it consists of a tiny ledge. Once that’s done, click the right mouse button and hold it down while pushing the car or van until it’s sideways close to the road’s edge. 

Next up, use your hand to push the car’s top by making movements that are pretty sharp. This requires some practice since you need to ensure you’re hitting the car by setting just the right momentum for the turn. The ledge at the road’s edge plays a crucial role as a lever support.

After this, remove the wheels nearest to the road as soon as the car or van turns on its side. However, this step is not that necessary and can be skipped if you’re trying to flip over a normal passenger car. Lastly, push the top of the car once again in order to make it land on its wheels and install the wheels that you removed previously. You can now continue your daring journey!

Flipping a car can be a tricky practice, so there’s a chance you might not succeed on your first or even eleventh try, so worry not. With enough practice, you’ll soon conquer the practice. Before diving into it, keep in mind that the vehicle might not care much for some of your pushes, while some punches and kicks will completely take your car off the road which will cause you to start all over again. This happens due to the complicated physics featured in A Dusty Trip.

However, there is a silver lining to this as well in such a way that if you push your car that’s lying on its side to the road’s edge, you’ll only need some light pushes to put it back on its wheels.

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