A Dusty Trip: How To Drive An Engine-Less Car

The main feature of A Dusty Trip is to travel through the vast and dangerous desert to collect resources necessary for your survival in the game. You need to keep safe from a wide range of dangers, including hurricanes, acid rains, deadly creatures, and much more. The only companion you have by your side is your vehicle that will carry you through every situation. 

For your vehicle to operate properly without any hiccups, you’re going to need gas as fuel, water for your radiator, oil for your car’s engine, and food that’ll keep you healthy. To help you with your journey, there are unique ways present in A Dusty Trip that will help you make the most of the features present within the game, including driving a car without an engine, fuel, or water. In this article, we’ll guide you on how you can do exactly that!

How To Drive Your Vehicle Without Engine, Fuel, Or Water?

Before driving a car without anything in it, you need to choose a vehicle that you would be most comfortable driving, i.e., either a van or a normal passenger car. Don’t worry, though, since you can drive both types of vehicles without engine, fuel, or water. However, it is recommended that you drive a van since it is the greater option of the two due to the ample space present in it.

You can now go ahead and assemble the car like you normally do, but make sure to skip installing the engine, gas, and radiator. Ensure that you have also attached doors to your vehicle since a sandstorm usually always hits before the first stop and causes a lot of damage to you if there aren’t any doors on your vehicle, causing you to die most of the time.

Once the handbrake is down, search for a small object, preferably a gas canister or the television situated in the back room, since this trick mostly works with these objects. After bringing it to the vehicle, attack the object behind the driver’s seat, get in the car, and then turn around by using the mouse wheel and grab the object.

You might have to find the sweet spot by moving it around a couple of times. Finding that perfect spot in the car is slightly trickier as compared to the van since there isn’t much space in the car. With the help of your mouse wheel, you can extend your hand all the way to the car’s roof and keep looking for the right place that will cause your car to move without gas, radiator, or water.

However, once that’s done, the impact between your car and the object will make your vehicle go barreling forward. Now, all you have to do is steer with the remaining while looking out for those precious resources and deadly creatures lurking through the desert in A Dusty Trip.

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