A Dusty Trip: How To Start Your Car?

A Dusty Trip game is all the rage at the moment on Roblox, featuring immersive gameplay that requires you to travel across the desert. In this game, you’re required to make use of your survival training and look for weapons and materials that would help you go up against deadly creatures of the land. This game is for all those players out there who have a taste for thrill!

However, before any of that, the most crucial part is to get a car prepared for the gruesome journey. In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can start the engine, which is a bit tricky if you’re new to the game. This is why many players end up thinking that there might be a glitch associated with the car. So, let’s get into it!

How To Start Your Car’s Engine?

The vehicle you use to travel across the desert is going to be your key to survival in A Dusty Trip. Without your car or van, you will not be able to search for resources to keep you alive in the game. Therefore, the details featured in the game make it challenging for players to assemble and start their cars. Something as simple as the handbrake can hinder your journey.

In order to start your car in A Dusty Trip, the first thing you need to confirm is if the handbrake is down or not. If it’s down, then click on the R key on your keyboard and make sure that you put some fuel in your car before doing anything else. The first step is to choose the kind of transport you wish to use, i.e., either a car or a van.

Once that’s done, begin collecting the parts required to build one from inside the house and the surroundings. This part can take some time since there are a lot of parts that are safely hidden in different areas. It also gets difficult to look for parts from among the debris since the two can look quite similar, like the radiator. It’s highly recommended that you keep the tutorial on so that you can check items off your list and know which ones to add.

Once the car is built, you’ll be able to sit in it and go in search of food and all of the other items. Unfortunately, this is also the part where things get tough for you. The handbrake is present on the right side of the driver’s seat and might seem invisible to many unless they’re consciously searching for it. You’re required to interact with it before starting the car in the game.

Whenever you stop at any place in A Dustry Trip, keep your eye on the handbrake since it can go up by itself, preventing you from quickly running away from your enemies chasing after you.

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