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Dusty trip ByJandel’s Road Trip

Are you ready to conquer the post-apocalyptic world of Dusty Trip on Roblox? The game’s latest update has brought significant changes, and we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through the new challenges. Buckle up and get ready to explore the dusty wastelands like a pro.

Gear Up for the Journey

Before hitting the road, you’ll need to equip yourself with the right tools. Upon starting the game, you’ll find an AK-47 available for purchase or hidden within the houses. This powerful weapon will come in handy when dealing with those pesky mutants roaming the wasteland.

How to open doors

Opening doors might seem like a simple task, but in the world of Dusty Trip, it’s an essential skill. To open a door, approach it, long-press, and slide your finger in the direction you want the door to open. If it refuses to budge, try sliding in the opposite direction. Keep experimenting until you get the hang of it – those mutants won’t wait forever

Assemble Your Car

Building your vehicle is a crucial step in your Dusty Trip adventure. With the removal of the “F” button, grabbing and placing items has undergone a change. To grab an object, simply tap on it. To attach it to your vehicle, tap on the desired location. Pro tip: Always start by attaching the front wheels first to avoid those pesky tire-stuck-in-the-ground situations.

Doors are important !!!

In the harsh environment of Dusty Trip, doors are your best friends. They’ll protect you from the relentless sandstorms, so make sure to equip your vehicle with them. Don’t let those pesky storms catch you off-guard


Navigating through the darkness can be a daunting task, but fear not! Turning on your headlights is a breeze. Grab the headlights, tap and hold without releasing your finger until they turn on, then place them in the correct location on your vehicle.Repeat the process for the second headlight, and you’ll be ready to light up the night!

Fuel Up

Running out of gas in the middle of nowhere is a nightmare scenario. To fill up your tank, grab the gas can and locate the designated spot on your vehicle. Follow the on-screen instructions to hold and fill ‘er up. You’ll start with 9L of gas, but be sure to refuel frequently.

As for keeping your energy levels up, simply tap on any food items to grab them, then tap and hold anywhere on the screen to consume them. [Insert an image of a player eating food in the game] Staying nourished is crucial for surviving the harsh conditions of the wasteland.

Watch the video tutorial on Youtube

Hit the Road, Adventurer!

With your trusty vehicle assembled, headlights blazing, and belly full, it’s time to hit the road. Don’t forget to release the handbrake before starting the engine. If you’ve followed all the steps correctly, your car should roar to life, and you’ll be ready to embark on your dusty trip

Good luck, and may the wasteland be kind to you

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