Roblox Dusty Trip: Infinite Speed Glitch (No Engine, Oil or Fuel)

Tired of running out of gas or dealing with a broken engine in Dusty Trip? This glitch lets you drive at crazy speeds without any engine, fuel or oil needed.

How to Do It

  1. Get These Items: 4 wheels, 1 trunk, 1 TV.
  2. Set Up: Park your vehicle and engage the handbrake so it doesn’t move.
  3. Activate Glitch: Hold the TV in a certain spot, then quickly get into your vehicle.
  4. Go Fast: You’ll now drive at extreme speeds like 120 km/h without an engine!
  5. Brakes Work: Press the brake button to slow down or stop completely.


This glitch works in multiplayer too. Have a friend hold the TV while you drive for synchronized super speed.

Try out this simple Dusty Trip glitch to zoom across the map faster than ever before! No engine is required.

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