Roblox: A Dusty Trip Entire Lore (UPDATED)

Did you know that the zombie survival game inside Roblox, A Dusty Trip, has a lore of its own? That’s right. This game might look simple, but it has its own story going, with hidden secrets and lore items being discovered every now and then by the players. So, let’s take a look at the Roblox: A Dusty Trip lore and uncover the secrets that lay beneath the surface.

First Things First: What Is A Dusty Trip In Roblox?

If you aren’t aware of the game, A Dusty Trip is a zombie survival game in Roblox where you have to fight off zombies, or “mutants,” as they are called in this game. This game doesn’t let you off in the world alone, though. Instead, you are given a trusty car that takes you places and protects you from the many threats that lie in this game.

Now that we have the game’s introduction out of the way let’s start diving into its lore.

Roblox: A Dusty Trip Lore

At the start, players found out that there was a Morse code at the 20k radio tower, and it seemed like it was trying to convey a message. One player reported that this morse code translates to “send help fields under attack he’s watching you.” They also mentioned that there is a paper that can be found inside the radio tower’s building with a message written on it.

Found by Discord user @zxcdemir, the middle part of this message seems to be scribbled. But when looked closely, it can be clearly read as “Don’t trust them.”

This user also later found another message that read “they are not your friends.” This particular message seems to be written by “ZERO CORP”, as can be seen by their logo on the top-right side of the page. This company has a hand in producing missiles and mortar shells.

What could these secret and mysterious messages mean? Let’s explore the lore further to try and make sense of these findings.

Continuing our trail of mysterious messages, there was another message left for the players at the spawn location under the painting below the desk. This message read, “The desert was the safest place for us.”

There was also a badge found by Discord user @chinook07494, which also had the same company, “Zero Labs’” logo on it.

Zero Labs’ interference doesn’t end there there. If we look closely at the game’s trailer, we can also see their logo printed in bright, big colors on a rocket that’s crashed into the ground. Could this be a reference to aliens? Are aliens also trying to escape the zombies? Let’s keep exploring.

The Secrets Of Dan The Shopkeeper

Players were given a hint that there’s more to Dan the Shopkeeper in A Dusty Trip than they might think. Some investigation on this topic revealed that Dan in this game is the same Dan that was in Dumpster Diver Dan. This is his older self, who most likely escaped the zombie apocalypse in Field Trip Z and, for some reason, thought the safest place to go was this desert.

I don’t think Dan has the best of judgments.

The plan Dan ended up at is where Zero Corp’s base was, where they were trying to test out a cure on humans, turning them into mutants.

Time Travel Adventures

Time Travel Adventures was made by Splitting Point Studios, which is owned by Jandel. There’s a theory around it that this was the Ghost Town before the Zombie Apocalypse happened. This theory stems from the fact that both these towns have Peter’s Inn.

All Zombie Worlds Are Connected

Connecting these hints leads players to believe that Dusty Trip, Field Trip Z, and Time Travel Adventures are all interconnected games.

More Notes Come To Light

Another note was also found inside Ghost Town by discord user @._vyxz_. It stated, “They scorched the earth so they could take it back.” Like all the previous notes, this one also sounds quite mysterious.

This next note seems to be from a teacher who used to teach before the breakout happened. This is because the note itself also reads, “before the fall I was a teacher.”

We also see the previous note in Jandel’s Dusty Trip update video.

Recent Update

With everything said, we now reach our latest piece of lore for A Dusty Trip. Unlike previous times, where it was usually a note or a piece of paper, this time, we’ve encountered an entire journal with two visible entries: 53 and 54.

Entry number 53 talks about a farmer running into a powerful weapon in his field. He can’t tell from where or how it came to him, but he says it felt powerful, and now he’ll use it against hordes of zombies.

Entry 54 talks about a later incident where the farmer had to actually use the rifle. Despite his previous confidence, he mentions that his hands were shaking when he tried using it.


“Found somethin mighty peculiar out by the east field today. After the mornin chores were done, I set out to check on the crops, mindin my own business, as always. But lo and behold, what do I stumble upon amidst the overgrown weeds and twisted metal? A rifle, like nothin I’d ever seen.

It weren’t no ordinary gun. Had all these strange buttons and wires, shiny glowy metal gleamin against the rusted remnants of civilization. Must’ve been one of them sci-fi contraptions the old-timers used to talk about before everything went to pot.

Can’t rightly say how it got there or what it’s meant for, but it felt powerful in my hands, like holdin the fate of this broken world. Took it back to the homestead, And if them mutants come creepin again, maybe this new-fangled gizmo will give em a run for their money.”


“Margies still out tending the wheat fields… Woke up to the sound of bang boomin this mornin, and it weren’t the usual livestock carryin on. Rushed to the window and saw em, thought it was the muties… Grabbed the rifle, my hands shakin more than a leaf in a storm.

Need to get everyone outta here, while I still can…”

To Summarize

A Dusty Trip has an expanding lore where new discoveries are made, and content is added every few weeks. This is certainly not the end of the story, and we’re curious to see what new discoveries are made and if our questions about the desert’s history will ever be answered. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do is wait and see how the story unfolds!

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