How to Run Without Using Stamina in Dusty Trip Mobile | Roblox

Dusty Trip is a desert adventure game where you drive vehicles across vast landscapes. In this tutorial, I will show you a neat trick that allows you to run indefinitely without depleting your stamina.

First method

  • Go to the basement of the house shown in the image
  • Hold down the run button as you enter the basement
  • Release the run button as soon as you exit the basement
  • If done right, you’ll now run without losing any stamina
  • Don’t tap the run button again, or the trick will stop working
  • You can enter and exit vehicles while still running without stamina

Second method

  • Rapidly tap the run button (don’t hold it)
  • Keep tapping until you see yourself running without losing stamina
  • Remember, just tap the button, don’t hold it down

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