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Dusty Trip Rarest Items: Hunt Like a Pro!

  • Backpack_6 (6 slots) & Backpack_8 (8 slots): These space hogs are the ultimate finds, boasting a base spawn chance of a mind-blowing 1/9,240 and 1/13,860 respectively. But fret not, treasure hunters! The odds shift dramatically in the mysterious Ghost Town (more on that later).

Beyond the Backpack:

A collection of wacky gadgets and trophies awaits the lucky adventurer beyond the backpacks:

  • Rubber Duck, Paintball Guns (Green, Yellow, Blue), Saveable_HealingPotion: Get ready for some playful fun with these items, each with a 1/46,200 chance of spawning.
  • Gray Duck, Blue Duck: A little rarer than their rubbery cousin, these feathered friends clock in at 1/60,060.
  • DancePotion, RubberChicken, Firework: Get ready to boogie or witness a fiery spectacle with a 1/115,500 chance of finding these.
  • Tophat Duck, Paintball Guns (Pink, Red), Devil Duck, Monster Mash DancePotion: Up the rarity ante with a 1/157,080 to 1/161,700 chance for these slightly more uncommon finds.
  • FirePotion: Feeling fiery? This potion has a 1/198,660 chance of spicing up your game.
  • Shrek (Trophy): Believe it or not, there’s a 1/457,380 chance of finding a golden Shrek trophy. Just don’t try to sell him – he’s a priceless (and unsellable) collector’s item.
  • BalloonGun & Raygun: These top the charts for everywhere-but-Ghost-Town rarity, with a 1/554,400 and 1/831,600 chance, respectively.
Tophat Duck image

Ghost Town: A Dusty Trip Paradise

table summarizing the rare items spawn chance

For more info, watch this video i made which explains all the rare items in dusty trip:

Important Tip: Don’t Sell Your Dusty Treasures!

While these items are undeniably cool, they have no monetary value! Do not sell them!

Now get out there and explore, Dusty Trip adventurers! With this guide and a healthy dose of luck, you might just snag the rarest treasure in the game. Remember, the thrill of the hunt is half the fun

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